When Bounce House Rentals in Boise Can Spice up Your Children’s Day

Everyone was a child at some point, and if you let your hair down in so many ways, your childhood was nothing short of awesome. A Yahoo! Voices article by Jessie Kay focuses on one aspect:

We’ve all seen it – the colorful, giant, inflatable bouncy castle set up in someone’s backyard for a birthday party. Bounce houses make an entertaining centerpiece for a child’s birthday party and create a memorable experience for both your child and guests. If you’re thinking about renting a bounce house for your child’s upcoming birthday party, here are some pros, cons, and tips should know.


Parents in Boise, Idaho can find some truth to Kay’s musings; the Gem State’s capital has a good variety of birthday venues and vast open spaces to run out and have fun. It can be a wonderful thing to see your child enjoy their birthday with family and friends, both old and new. Part of that enjoyment may include facilitating bounce house rentals in Boise through event support outfits such as Rocky Mountain Roll.

Getting a bounce house for your child’s birthday party takes some planning as well, which is something that your event provider can help you with. For instance, Kay suggests that you recheck the number of confirmed invites and based on the expected number of children, you can then choose the size of the bounce house, especially if you stated that a bounce house should be one one of the party attractions. The bounce house provider will set it up before and after the party.

Safety precautions are essential; inform the guests that they need to bring play clothes and to follow the rules while inside. These will include no rough play, no objects inside the house, and they cannot go back in after they eat (to prevent vomiting). It is important as well that you limit the number and age of children and inside for maximum safety.

A company like Rocky Mountain Roll can help spice up the party by arranging for a Boise, ID DJ. The person assigned to the party will have an array of children’s songs to further set the jovial mood. You owe it to your child to give them a celebration they’ll never forget.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Tips for Renting an Inflatable Bounce House for a Child’s Birthday Party, Yahoo! Voices, 11 Sep 2009)


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