Want the Ultimate Man-Cave?

It’s almost Super Bowl time…is the man-cave ready? 

If you’re ready to pull out all the stops and build the ultimate home theater system, here are some tips to guide you:

1.       Think BIG, but measure absolutely everything before you buy.  Where is the flat-screen going?  What kind of cabinetry do you want to house your components?  Are there other toys you want to fit into the space?   Consider the bulk that comes along with those cushy leather chairs and stainless steel beverage cooler you’ve been eyeing.

2.       Speakers come in all sizes.  At the Consumer Electronics Show held this month in Las Vegas, they featured some as tall as a basketball rim!  Remember, size doesn’t always equate with great sound.


3.       Electronics retailers are sporting extreme discounts right now to appeal to buyers just like you…fast-tracking in time for Super Bowl.  Do your homework and don’t let price be your only consideration.  Know what you want in terms of quality, and don’t settle.  You’ll only be disappointed.


Finally, ask an expert for guidance.  Don’t worry…it’s not the same as asking for driving directions. 


Rocky Mountain Roll specializes in audio/visual equipment sales , installation and maintenance .  Give us a call if you have questions about building the perfect system for your home or business.



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