School Fundraising on Steroids!

Need to raise funds for your school or charity?  Many organizations have discovered the key to exponential growth over traditional campaigns by thinking BIG.  The bigger the event, the bigger the press coverage and buzz, putting you in prime position to attract givers.

Consider the tactics of fund-raising pros, the huge organizations that consistently bring in thousands of dollars with a single gourmet dinner.  How can you achieve the same kind of results on a meaningful level for your organization? 

Creativity is key!  The possibilities are endless if you step out of the candle and greeting-card mentality and consider what would engage your community…those who have a vested interest in the organization.  Who doesn’t love a carnival?  With plenty of games, inflatables , great music and food, you can easily create a festive fair-like atmosphere with something for everyone. 

There are many options available for amazing events …if you can imagine it, we can help you make it happen!We love helping Treasure Valley schools make the most of their fundraising efforts!   Want to learn more about our fundraising success stories and jumpstart your own imagination?  Give us a call today !


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