Amping up the County Fair Fun through Quality Party Rentals in Boise

If you’ve been a loyal resident of your home county for many years, then you’ve seen innumerable things that saw the county through its ups and downs. What better way to pay tribute to the community than a county fair? However, pulling it off is no mean feat, as eHow contributor Anise Hunter explains:
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When Bounce House Rentals in Boise Can Spice up Your Children’s Day

Everyone was a child at some point, and if you let your hair down in so many ways, your childhood was nothing short of awesome. A Yahoo! Voices article by Jessie Kay focuses on one aspect:

We’ve all seen it – the colorful, giant, inflatable bouncy castle set up in someone’s backyard for a birthday party. Bounce houses make an entertaining centerpiece for a child’s birthday party and create a memorable experience for both your child and guests. If you’re thinking about renting a bounce house for your child’s upcoming birthday party, here are some pros, cons, and tips should know.
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More RED HOT Ideas For Your Wedding

  Rocky Mountain Roll - Photo Booth  Want to add personality to your wedding and create a classy, custom souvenir for your guests? Rent a photo booth !  This is a great way to add fun to your event and add fun photos to your wedding album.  The bride and groom receive a copy of all the photos taken in the booth.  This is another unique way to insure your wedding engages your guests and creates memories for everyone there!

Have you considered customized lighting?  Imagine your names and wedding date projected onto the dance floor or back lighting the head table.  This is a very sophisticated addition to your reception décor.

How about something completely interactive?  We’re thinking game show !  Yes, the ultimate customized trivia game will involve your guests and keep them laughing all night.  This is a sure way to make your reception one they will never forget!

Rocky Mountain Roll is positively bursting with ideas and we handle all the details so you can just kick back and enjoy the ride.  Remember….We don’t just bring the music…we bring the PARTY!!!


Wedding Receptions That ROCK!

Have a sense of humor?  Want to get all of your guests engaged in your wedding reception?

Think about Karaoke DJ!microphone woman

Of course, you want special music at your wedding reception.  That’s why you’re going to take the time to make sure you have absolutely the best DJ for the job.  But if you want to both entertain and engage your guests, consider adding a little karaoke to the mix!  Rocky Mountain Roll to the rescue!

Imagine each member of your wedding party choosing a special love song for you and your love, and then performing it for you?  Imagine the emotion, imagine the fun…imagine the laughs!

Truly a unique idea for your wedding entertainment…be the first in your circle to have this much fun at your wedding reception!

School Fundraising on Steroids!

Need to raise funds for your school or charity?  Many organizations have discovered the key to exponential growth over traditional campaigns by thinking BIG.  The bigger the event, the bigger the press coverage and buzz, putting you in prime position to attract givers.

Consider the tactics of fund-raising pros, the huge organizations that consistently bring in thousands of dollars with a single gourmet dinner.  How can you achieve the same kind of results on a meaningful level for your organization? 

Creativity is key!  The possibilities are endless if you step out of the candle and greeting-card mentality and consider what would engage your community…those who have a vested interest in the organization.  Who doesn’t love a carnival?  With plenty of games, inflatables , great music and food, you can easily create a festive fair-like atmosphere with something for everyone. 

There are many options available for amazing events …if you can imagine it, we can help you make it happen!We love helping Treasure Valley schools make the most of their fundraising efforts!   Want to learn more about our fundraising success stories and jumpstart your own imagination?  Give us a call today !

Want the Ultimate Man-Cave?

It’s almost Super Bowl time…is the man-cave ready? 

If you’re ready to pull out all the stops and build the ultimate home theater system, here are some tips to guide you:

1.       Think BIG, but measure absolutely everything before you buy.  Where is the flat-screen going?  What kind of cabinetry do you want to house your components?  Are there other toys you want to fit into the space?   Consider the bulk that comes along with those cushy leather chairs and stainless steel beverage cooler you’ve been eyeing.

2.       Speakers come in all sizes.  At the Consumer Electronics Show held this month in Las Vegas, they featured some as tall as a basketball rim!  Remember, size doesn’t always equate with great sound.


3.       Electronics retailers are sporting extreme discounts right now to appeal to buyers just like you…fast-tracking in time for Super Bowl.  Do your homework and don’t let price be your only consideration.  Know what you want in terms of quality, and don’t settle.  You’ll only be disappointed.


Finally, ask an expert for guidance.  Don’t worry…it’s not the same as asking for driving directions. 


Rocky Mountain Roll specializes in audio/visual equipment sales , installation and maintenance .  Give us a call if you have questions about building the perfect system for your home or business.